FAQ Dragonwoods

Are you going to write a book?

The Book is currently being written! Book one is set to be completed by Spring 2020



Yes we have a Kickstarter Campaign that will be launching in Fall 2019! Join our mailing list to get updates on our progress and how to help support the Dragonwoods launch. Be one of the first supporters and get exclusive content and deals!


Where can I learn more about the Dragonwoods?

Our website is the best place to learn about the Dragonwoods! We have a weekly blog post about the Dragonwoods and will have updates on our book here! You can also follow us on Instagram @hartswoodworks to see sneak peek pictures and new products as they come out! Frequently asked questions are below! 


Do you use cores in your Wands?

We do not use cores in our wands. Dragonwood is incredibly powerful and doesn't need a core to conduct magic. 


Can I choose a Wand?

You can always choose your own wand at Harts Woodworks. However we feel the best fit is when the wand chooses you. At our in person events you may experience a magical ceremony where your wand chooses you! This is our Let the Wand Choose You experience and we highly recommend it. We also are working on a similar experience for online. However if you have a particular style you like we encourage you to choose your wand. 


What is a Dragonwood Egg?

A Dragonwood Egg is the egg that a Dragon is born from. The eggs grow in the magical Dragonwood until it is time for them to hatch. There are many species of Dragons and they all come from the Dragonwoods.


What are the Dragonwoods?

 The Dragonwoods are the magical trees that Dragons are born from. There are numerous wood species that are considered Dragonwood, but not every tree is Dragonwood. The Dragonwoods draw their magic from the mystical deity, Mother, who’s magic keeps the woods alive. The Dragonwoods are all over the world and they are guarded and protected by the Dragonwood Guardians.


Are there really Dragons?

Of course there are Dragons! The dragons are currently all in their Dragonwood Eggs within the Dragonwoods. However we are finding eggs every week! Currently there aren’t any hatched dragons… that we know of.


Who are the Dragonwood Guardians?

The Dragonwood Guardians are the Hart Family. This honor was passed down by the Last Dragon on behest of Mother. Their caring nature and innate ability to find Dragonwood has made them the best choice for protecting the Dragonwoods until the Time of Dragons comes again.


What is the Dragon Guard?

The Dragon Guard is the elite force of humans who have a Dragon companion. Historically they have fought in the war against the Devrakis. When you adopt your Dragonwood Egg you too will become a part of the Dragon Guard. However not every Dragon Guard is a solider. There are many jobs in the next generation of Dragon Guard.


What is the Time of Dragons?

The Time of Dragons refers to the time when all the Dragonwood Eggs will hatch and dragons will live among us again. When all the eggs hatch the next generation will beginning training for the second war with the Devrakis.


Who are the Devrakis?

The Devrakis are a race of humanoid creatures who wish to consume the Dragonwoods’ magic to gain immortality. Currently they are trapped in their own realm, but the seal is fracturing and eventually they will break through to ours. When they do the Dragon Guard and Dragons will need to work together once more to defeat them.


What makes the Dragonwoods special?

Magic of course! Infused with magic from Mother herself it is the heart of all magic in the world.


Are all your items made from Dragonwood?

Yes! We only use Dragonwood for our products (minus the fur that we use for the bedding of your dragon!) Only the Dragonwoods have magic in this world, which is why we use it!