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Let the Wand Choose You
Let the Wand Choose You
Harts Woodworks

Let the Wand Choose You

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Let the Wand Choose You

Includes "Pick Your Wand Series", "Knight Series", "Custom Wands" and "Master Series"


Want to have your wand to choose you? Then our pre-wrapped "mystery" wand is for you! A true Let the Wand Choose You experience.

Each wand is hand carved and includes wands from our Pick Your Wand Series, Knight Series, Master Series and has Custom Wands mixed in. Most wands are black and brown but have a few gray wands mixed in. Wands are wrapped in brown parchment paper and twine. 


Each wand has a wand tag included with wand details and stats! 


Perfect for first time wand owners, additions to wand collections, gifts, Halloween Costumes, and Cosplay.


Wands are made from multiple woods including Birch, Red Oak, and various Exotic woods. Lengths range from 11 inches to 15 inches. 


If you have a preference on wand design or color please check out our other wand series and custom wands available for purchase. 


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