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Welcome to Harts Woodworks - The Dragonwood Guardians

Harts Woodworks is the official home of The Dragonwoods™! We only use the finest Dragonwood around to craft all of our products. What makes our wood Dragonwood? It all comes from the magical woods that Dragons are born from. We have more information on The Dragonwoods here.


Each piece of wood has its own magic and we shape it into something that you’ll cherish forever. We currently have Dragonwood Eggs™, Wands, and Swords. New products are coming out monthly!  We have our Pick Your Wand Series that features 45 designs, Knight Series, and Artisan Wands available on the website.


Our Dragonwood Guardians are dedicated to working with you to find the perfect Dragon and any items from the Dragonwood Armory. A Dragon or Armory piece that will serve as a lifelong companion. One that will bring excitement, inspiration, and imagination to your life for years to come!

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